Quality and Environmental Mission Policy

Quality and Environmental Mission Policy

Through continuous improvement and teamwork Quigley Manufacturing is committed to establishing the highest industry standards for quality and customer service.

Our goals include constant improvement through dedicated personnel, technology and continual engineering for cost reduction.

At Quigley Manufacturing, we are committed to working locally to improve the social, economical and environmental well being of our community. We are committed to comply with applicable legal requirements and with other requirements which relate to our environmental aspects.

At Quigley Manufacturing we operate with five values in mind:

  • resourcefulness
  • collaboration
  • good service
  • responsiveness
  • professionalism

Our programs are all directed to the above sentiments. To this end, we consider the environmental impact of our products and activities while continuing to provide quality products that meet customer needs. This involves taking a stewardship approach by addressing the environmental aspects of our products in order to reduce waste and recycling. In order to achieve our mission of conservation and efficient use of our natural resources, we will:

  • Review manufacturing processes and consider new technologies and innovative programs to reduce the use of and protect energy, water and other resources, while at the same time maintaining the appropriate standards of product safety and quality.
  • Work with area businesses, community groups and our neighbors to improve the place we live in and do business by implementing environmental projects that benefit our community socially and economically.